Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cruising Down the Waccamaw River, the Day in Pictures

We got a late start on Tuesday.  We needed to pump out and take on 200 gallons of fuel.  We said goodbye to Jim and Sharon and headed out the narrow marina channel at 11 AM. 

We didn't have far to go to Georgetown, so leaving late was no big deal.

The Waccamaw is said to be one of the most beautiful stretches of the ICW.  I have to say that out of all the cruising I have done, it is second only to the Hudson River on the pretty-meter. 

We never tire of Spanish Moss.

Either an Osprey or an Eagle's nest.

Hurricane Irene?

We're officially in the boondocks.

We've seen very little boat traffic on this section of the ICW.  Here comes a barge...

followed by a very ugly sailboat. Really. What were they thinking? The hull actually has beautiful lines.

We could see this smoke from a long way off. It must be a very large grass or forest fire.

It was a short day.  We had left Osprey Marina at 11 AM after taking on 200 gallons of diesel, and we arrived at Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown SC a little after 3 PM.

The tulip trees are in bloom here.

A "reel bar".

A perfect ending of a perfect day.

Wednesday will be a long day.  It's 63 miles from Georgetown to Charleston.   We'll need to get an early start.


  1. Ahh Charleston one of our most favorite stops. ENJOY!

    1. It was a long day, from 7:30 to 3:30, but we're here. It's pricey here though, $2 a foot,so we'll probably only stay two or three days and then move on the Beaufort SC.

  2. Hi David and Pam - loving the photos and enjoying the trip. Not as good as being there but it is so much fun to check in with you guys and the dogs and cat every day to see your progress. How did you get the photo of Drift Away going down the marina channel? As far as the sail boat goes I think they have trawler envy. Last fall early morning on a cool day we were taking Autumn Dream out for a ride and heading down river, Coming up river toward the marina we left, an older guy was motoring his sail boat and shivering in the cold. He looked at us in the pilothouse drinking coffee and in shorts and gave us the biggest smile and pulled his jacket tighter around him - trawler envy . Trawler envy comes in many different styles,
    BTW I was only kidding about the temperature reports. However your still giving us a good idea with trees in bloom.
    kevin & beth

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Our friend Sharon took the pic of us leaving the marina and emailed it to usl

  3. David, why are you worried about making it up to Charleston? Isn't there a ship channel all the way up? I have not been there by boat, but one of my fondest memories in life was a pub crawl we did along the waterfront while there on a business trip. A beer and a half dozen oysters at each stop... yum yum. It is by far, my favorite southern city.

  4. It took us 8 hours to get here, from 7:30 to 3:30. There are no marinas close to Charleston except Isle of Palms, so if we had strong adverse currents or had to go at a low wake speed because of docks and boats, we might have gotten stuck. As it turned out, we averaged over 7 knots.