Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Following" Blogs

As of this writing, I am following 46 blogs, all but one about cruising.   Pam and I have 47 people who follow our blog.  Our blog gets 200 to 300 page views every day.  So what does all this mean?

Well, I follow blogs because I enjoy reading about real people having real adventures.  Sure, a few of them are bland, but most of them give a real sense of the what it's like to travel and live on a boat.  I enjoy people who blog often because these are the people who seem the most enthusiastic about their chosen lifestyle, and to coin an old phrase, are probably high on life too.

Who are the people who follow our blog?  Many are friends and family, of course, but most are people who just stumbled on to it, either from Google or  Most are Americans, but the rest come from all parts of the world.  Here are the blog's page view stats for the past week by country.

United States -
Canada -
Mauritius - 
Germany - 
United Kingdom -
Russia -
Netherlands -
France - 
Spain -
Italy -  

Why do people bother to "follow" a blog?  From the comments and emails we get, people follow us because they enjoyed what they read and by following it know it encourages us to write more.  Our blog also gets added to their blog list and so they can easily find us to return again.

Having regular blogs that we follow, and having regular followers, has created a new network of friends for us.  Some blogs we follow are experienced cruisers who offer valuable advice on places to go and things to see (hi Sweetpea!).   Others who follow our blog are in the dreaming or planning stages and get useful information from the stuff we write.  These folks particularly liked "How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Boat and Cruise", our fifth most popular blog post of all time.   A few like the boat projects, some enjoy the photos and videos, and our friend followers razzed us about almost sinking the boat at Liberty Landing Marina.

No matter how you found our blog, if you're not a follower and if you enjoyed what you've read, please consider clicking the "Join this site" button up at the top right of this page.  As Radar, Melonie, and Bob (Istaboa's Waypoints) so succinctly put it, followers and comments on blog posts are like fertilizer to us.    It encourages us to tote a camera everywhere so we can take photos like the one below to share with you.

Or to relate how difficult it was to get the dogs to jump up into an unsteady swing for a photo...

and as soon as it moved how Ruby freaked and ran like her butt was on fire.

Join our blog.  The best is yet to come.  I'm fixing the Whaler and soon we'll be anchoring out and there will be plenty of comical stuff there.  And then there's painting the boat and renovating the  interior.  I'm sure we'll have plenty to write about, and you regular readers know I don't omit the mistakes and the funny stuff.  

For the record, as of this writing I have all ten of my fingers.


  1. I don't follow any blogs because I don't want my in box flooded.

    I have some like yours that I look at every day and others once a week.

    Just another point of view. :))

    Bill Kelleher

    1. Hey Bill,

      You won't get any emails unless you choose the "follow by email" button. The regular "follow" merely updates your blog list when one is updated. If you look on the right side of this blog, you'll see my "Favorite Blogs" list which shows the ones I follow from the most recently updated to the oldest.

    2. Pam and Dave,
      Since I don't have a web page where would I see the Favorite Blogs list ?

      Thanks for the info as it would make it a lot simpler than going thru them all. :))

      Bill Kelleher

      PS I tried to put a picture of my boat in profile and it won't go in, any ideas ?

    3. Hi Bill,

      You'd see your blog list on your Blogger "Dashboard".

      What happens when you try to add a photo? Do you get an error message? It's been a long time since I added our photo so I'm not sure, but there may be a size limitation. Try resizing the photo using Paint to 640 x 480 and see if that works.

    4. Ok on the Blogger Dashboard.

      I was afraid you were going to say that. LOL

      When trying to add the a marker starts going around in circles. So I think you are correct.

      I will work on it. :))

      Bill Kelleher

    5. Blogger says that the picture is there, this is a test to see if it shows up here.

      I tried refreshing the page first and it didn't show up.

      Bill Kelleher

    6. I see the pic, Bill. Nice boat!

  2. Dave and Pam, As many others have said, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. Seeing the same trip that we took a dozen years ago through your eyes, how much (or how little) things have changed along with your fresh perspective is a nice distraction from winter in Maine. Thanks!


    1. Thanks Paul. Today it's lunch at Hemingway's and probably a carriage tour of historical Beaufort.