Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dogs Can Be Overwhelming

There's a New Zealand family that lives here at the marina.  They have a teenager, a lovely young lady named Kellie.  The dogs LOVE Kellie.  I only have to say "Look, there's Kellie" and they go ballistic.

Jack, Belinda, and Kellie had to return to  New Zealand to deal with the sale of their house and to straighten out Jack's visa (Belinda is American) so he doesn't have to leave the country every ninety days.  No, I don't know why.   Some bureaucratic  nonsense.  Anyway, they had to stay for two weeks, but Kellie only one because she had to return to school.  We offered to put Kellie up for the week, which works out perfectly because she can catch the same bus.

I waited on the boat with the dogs while Pam fetched Kellie from the airport.  When they arrived, Pam got on the boat first and got the usual happy dog welcome.  Then Kellie.  The dogs went crazy.  Poor Kellie had all she could do to sit on the couch to fend off the dogs.  At one point, she had all three hopping all over her, each vying for her undivided attention.

Pam pulled the dogs off one by one.  I, of course, pulled out my camera.

A little later, Pam went downstairs to get ready for work.  She decided to lay down to take a little nap first.  The dogs had other ideas.  I heard Pam laughing hysterically, so again I grabbed my camera.   The dogs were hopping all over the bed while Pam tried to cover up.   It was a blur.   See?

So this should be an interesting week.

It's going to be warm and humid for the next couple of days with temps in the 80s.  That means fog.

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  1. Just caught up on the blog. Love the pic of Olivia with the feather in her mouth! Heading back to Broulee and then points south. Hope to see you soon.