Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruby Caught a Fish

We've been taking the dogs to Brunswick's boat launch, which is on the other side of the river from the marina.  It's usually pretty deserted over there and the dogs can run off leash.  Olivia, especially, needs to run.  She prances through the bushes like a gazelle.  Well, she did it good this time, cutting a big gash on her right front paw, so we cut the visit short and brought her home.  Pam cleaned it up real good, put disinfectant on it, and wrapped it in gauze.

Poor Olivia.  I think her paw hurts a lot.  She's been running all around the boat, and up to sit next to me to snuggle, and all the while stopping to lick her bandage.

As for Ruby, she was wading by the boat launch and saw a small fish, about 8 inches long.  She was fascinated by it.  The next thing we knew, she had the fish up on shore, staring at it.  We put it back, of course.  Did I have my camera?  Nooooooo.   Always always always always always bring your camera.

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  1. How many time's have you said that now ??? LOL

    Bill Kelleher