Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is the forecast for upstate New York.

This is the forecast for Brunswick, Georgia.

We must be nuts.  Well, those of you who've been following this blog already know that.

The new batteries are being installed as I write this.  Wayne, one of the marina mechanics, was going to do it yesterday but his helper didn't show, and the batteries are too big and heavy for one person.

Wayne also checked the Sentry charger and found that the manual mode works fine, but the automatic mode is dead.  A local guy can fix it for about $200.  I told him to go ahead and repair it.


  1. Our Vermont's high temp for today is the current temp (3:45pm): minus 4 degrees. It was 14 below this morning and is not expected to reach above zero during the day tomorrow!

    All those sunny warm days make you soft...
    not that there's anything wrong with that :)

    1. It's 62 degrees here right now. I just took the dogs off the boat for a potty break. I wore long pants and a flannel shirt. I'm already soft. LOL!

  2. why you want to trade Georgia weather for upstate Ny is beyond me! temps are much better in Florida. A couple hundred miles south it's pretty nice...supposed to be low 70's in St Pete tomorrow