Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Olivia the Wonder Dog

As you regular readers know, we have three dogs.  And they're not your typical boat dogs (little yappy dogs, or Portuguese water dogs, etc.).  We have two 80 pound pit bulls and a German Shorthair Pointer.

Olivia spent the first few weeks of her life in a crate in a vet's office, having no contact with other dogs other than her siblings.  When our family adopted her, she learned her doggy behavior from the pits.  I began affectionately referring to her as our German Shorthair Pitbull.  She retained all the traits of a hunting dog, fixating on prey (especially birds), but she also learned how to play rough and wrestle like a pit bull.

We took them to Jekyll Island yesterday.  Here are the pics.

The joy of running.

The thrill of the chase.  Ruby and Chevy don't have a ghost of a chance of catching her.

Olivia can leap totally out of the water.

Just chillin'.

The joy of more running.

Time for pit bull play.

GRARRRRR!  Notice the fangs.  Ruby and Chevy did.

I just wanted to take a pic of this palm tree on the way out...

and Live Oak and Spanish Moss.  I'm going to miss all this.  Ya'all need to spend some time here.

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  1. My first Setter used to run alongside my motorcycle. He would run 35 mph for the first mile or two, then drop to 25 mph for another five miles, then drop to 15 mph and would run that speed as long as I pushed him.

    A friend convinced me to let his doberman run along once. What an amazing difference in the speed of these animals. Alfred would run ahead a half mile or so, then wait for us to catch him, then repeat the process. We bagged it after two miles. The poor doberman was just tuckered out.

    After we got rid of the Doberman, Alfred and I went for a "proper run." LOL