Thursday, January 24, 2013

Generator Wouldn't Shut Down

The yard guys delivered our new batteries yesterday.  Two big T108s for the Ford Lehman diesels and a group 27 for the generator.  After they left, I fired up the Ford Lehmans and let them run to operating temperature.  I spun the props while I was at it.

After shutting down the main engines, I started the 15 KW generator.  I let that run for about a half an hour and then hit the kill button in the helm station.  The generator slowed down but kept running.  ????????  I tried it again.  Same thing.  It slowed down... slowed down... but kept running.  I went into the engine room, climbed over the hot port engine, and tried the stop button on the engine.  Same thing.

I hollered up to Pam to turn off everything running on 110 volt.   I then switched from shore power to the generator.  I hollered up to Pam to turn on everything we had 110 volt to put a load on the generator.  Turn on everything, including the electric stove and convection oven.  I hit the stop button again.   It slowed down... slowed down... and stopped.   Phew.

Just one more thing I'll have to look at and figure out.  The stop button is electronic, so it must close a valve that either shuts off the fuel supply or the air supply.   Either it needs adjustment, needs to be cleaned, or needs to be replaced.

Luckily, Mr. Tiner, the original owner of the boat, was meticulous in keeping all the manuals in order, and thankfully Mr. Van Breems as well.  Maybe I'll find a clue in the operator's manual.  Or maybe I'll have to surf Al Gore's internets for a service manual to find the answer to this one.

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  1. Dave,
    Diesels are shut down by cutting off the fuel flow.
    It is probably a solenoid pulling a valve closed and just needs adjusted.

    Bill Kelleher