Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Georgia's Marsh Raccoon

You wouldn't think there would be much difference between a New England raccoon and a Georgia raccoon.

I took this pic today while at Jekyll Island.

First, it seems that their legs are much longer than those back north.  Maybe it's because they wade through Jekyll's marshes.

Second, their tails seem pointy instead of bushy.

Third, it's common for them to be out during the day.

In other news, I'm giving up on boat brokers.  The first one I called thought he could sell Drift Away with no problem, except he thought the price would attract so many people that he'd be driving between Tampa, where his office is, and Brunswick, where the boat is, so he declined.  The second one I called is not aggressive enough.  His office is ten minutes away, but it took him three days to get here.   I was supposed to hear from him on Monday.  Today is Wednesday and not a peep.

So spread the word.


  1. Good thing Jekyll island doesn't charge addmition...

    I was surprized you didn't try to sell Drift Away om your own to begin with-- Pay your self the commition.... I'm sure you know how to sell a boat-- Just more leg work for Ya....

    1. :) they do charge admission, we bought the pass.


  2. That is an odd looking critter. The wildlife here on the coast(in and around a village) is different than in the woods. I see deer, racoons, foxes, coyotes, turkeys, etc. in broad daylight. Big snapping turtles lay eggs in our front yard, every spring coming up from the harbor.

    Brokers are numb from tire kickers in a bad market, I think. I bet you'll do better selling it yourself, Dave.