Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flood and Tornado Watch

I don't pay much attention to the weather unless we're underway.  It rained all day yesterday, and it's going to rain all day today.  The only annoying thing about it is that the dogs are bored.  They have to get off the boat twice a day to go potty, but then it's right back on the boat.  No playtime.

I had the TV news on this morning, and it was all abuzz about the threat of flooding.  Here in the low country, where it's as flat as a pancake, I guess it might be a problem, especially when you receive several inches of rain.

I happened to look outside, and the Jacksonville Channel 4 van was in the parking lot.

And then Chris the weatherman was on TV.

Pam and I had to take the dogs off the boat, and as we passed, I yelled over to Chris "Hey Chris, I just saw you on TV!"   He smiled.  And then I said "We live on a boat.  We don't worry about floods."

This was at 8 AM.  The poor guy is still up there, probably waiting for his next 15 second spot during the 9 AM news hour.  What a dull job, eh?

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