Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day on Drift Away

I posted this to my Facebook status on Valentine's Day morning:

To my Wonderful Valentine, my wife Pamela. You are my love, my life.

 As we are sitting here at the dock, holding tank overflowing and stinking up the whole boat, and we can't get to the pump-out dock because one of our engines won't start because one of our brand new batteries is dead, not charged by the battery charger I just had rebuilt, and you ran off to the auto parts store to get jumper cables so I can charge the dead battery.  Your spirit is still bright and you're still laughing, although you are holding your nose.  I love you more than ever.

Actually, it was a nice Valentine's Day.  After I got the port engine started, we went to the pump-out dock and emptied the stinky holding tank.  

I then left Pam on the boat and drove to Jekyll Island's welcome center where I bought Pam a glass orb, like the fishing floats of old.  Jekyll Island had been hiding them all around the island for the past six weeks for people to find.  Many folks found them, but not us.  Pam really wanted one as a souvenir of Jekyll, so I bought her one.  My plan was to get her to take the dogs to Jekyll, and I would secret the orb onto the beach, hide it, and then let her find it.   But when I got to the boat, it was cloudy, windy, and chilly.  Pam wasn't in the mood for the beach.  So I just handed it to her.   Oh, she liked it and all, but it wasn't the same as thinking she found one.

Then we took the dogs to the dog park and got them reeeeeeeal tired out.  As in, they'd do nothing but sleep until tomorrow.

Later, Wayne the yard guy stopped by with Mr. Forbes the Sentry rebuilder guy.  They sorted through it.   Mr. Forbes told me that these Sentry battery chargers are the best you can buy, but they really should be calibrated on the boat.  So he adjusted some today, will be back tomorrow morning to make another adjustment, and will be back on Monday for the final tweak.  Great.

Pam and I then dressed up (that would be me in a sport coat and tie, although I did wear sneakers and Pam in a hot leopard print dress) and went to Basil's Thai and Sushi in downtown Brunswick for dinner.

We got there early.  5:15.  The Matre' De' met us.  

"Dinner for two."

"Do you have reservations?"


"Then I'll have to seat you at the bar.  Is that OK?"

I looked around the empty restaurant.  I waved my hand around like it was a magic wand.  "Seriously?"
"Yes.  We're sold out tonight, starting at 6 PM."

Never mind, I said.   I asked Pam if she'd like to go to the Driftwood on Jekyll, and she said yes, so we left.  We were half a block away when I heard someone calling to us.  It was, I can only assume, Basil.  He looked like he was a Thai.

"You come?  We make room!"

Whaddaya think?   Pam nodded, so we went back.

It was wonderful.  Pam had dumplings for an appetizer and I had Tom Yum soup.  We both had a garden salad, and then Pam had scallops and I had Pad Tai.   It was great.
Back at the boat, it was just time to relax.   Which we did.

Just another day in paradise.

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  1. It was a memorable valentine! I willnever forget it..... From the ovetwhelming stench, to an easy out to a pump out, a glancing blow, dockage..., and a fantastic day at the local park with the dogs, then dinner... Superb food!

    A day to never forget.