Friday, February 1, 2013

It Still Leaks! Arrrrrgh!

For the fifth time, I removed and rebedded our foredeck hatch.  I even made the cutout smaller by adding some fiberglass.   It only leaks a tiny bit in one spot.  Remember this photo?

See that corner?  The one with so much silicone that it's bulging out?  That's where it leaks.  Right there.  It's only a tiny bit, a few drops.  It's like it's taunting me.


Maybe we don't need a hatch there.  I can just fiberglass it right over.  It might be a good idea to have one place on the boat where a person can get away from sunlight and fresh air.


  1. Dave-- Why isn't there silicone bulging out every where??

    Any tire kickers looking at Drift away??

    1. The hatch overhangs the frame quite a bit. If you can see silicone from under the hatch, that means I REALLY gobbed it on there.

      I've had some interest, all from Craig's List. I even got a check for $120,000 (the extra is for the delivery captain) but I'm pretty sure it's counterfeit. It looked so good, though, that I sent it to my bank in New York with a warning note attached. They're going to check it out.

      Another guy wants to see photos. You've been on this boat and you know how cluttered it is with all our stuff. When Pam has a day off, we'll declutter it room by room and post photos.

  2. Oh I'm sure you will get some scams-- Theives/Keys & Locks the world would be a better place without them all...