Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Stuff From Yesterday

How about them Ravens, eh?  Besides watching the Superbowl, I took a few pics that I thought were interesting.  Here you go.

This is my submission for Digital Photography School's assignment "composition contrast".

Mr. Bill was a pit bull toy.   Ooooooh nooooo Mr. Bill!

Chevy watching TV.

Olivia is my best buddy when I'm eating.

Tony and Sandy left yesterday.  Now, we're the only live aboard boat on our dock.  We're feeling unpopular.

Birds.  Lots of birds.


  1. Oooh Nooo-- Is that Mr. Bills stuffing coming out??

    1. Sure was. Chevy surgically removed the box that, when the toy was squeezed, said "oooooooh noooooo!".