Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sentry Battery Charger

I recently had to replace three batteries on Drift Away.  They were cooked by the Guest battery charger that apparently failed and overcharged the batteries in a two week period, boiling off all the water.  When Wayne, the marina mechanic, and his helpers were removing the old batteries and installing the new, noticed the Sentry battery charger on the wall, he asked why I wasn't using it instead of the Guest.

"That's the best battery charger you can buy.  That's a $1,200 charger."

"The automatic mode doesn't work," I replied.

"I know a fella that can fix it for a couple of hundred dollars," said Wayne.

"Great!  Do it."

So Wayne removed the Sentry and off he went with it.

He came by yesterday with the repaired charger.

"It was a bad board," said Wayne, "and the replacement board was $277, his cost.   So he inspected the board, figured out what was wrong, and repaired it.  You're all set."


This battery charger has three circuits, one for each battery, and charges each one independently.  It's a nice piece of gear.  Mr. Tiner, the first owner of Drift Away, spared no cost in outfitting her.   Mr. Tiner follows this blog, so thank you Mr. Tiner!

In boat sale news, I put Drift Away on Craig's List in Jacksonville and Savannah the other day.  I got the usual scammers, but also a few solid inquiries.  They all want to see photos, which Pam and I will do next week when she has a few days off from work.  Living aboard with three dogs, we have clutter everywhere, and the photos would just be pics of our stuff.  You wouldn't be able to see the boat.  So we'll move our stuff out of the way, take a photo, and then put it all back and move on to the next part of the boat.

I'm still waiting on the $120,000 cashier's check that I mailed to my bank in upstate New York.  I'm 99% sure it's counterfeit, but it will be worth the $10 bounced check fee.  When the bank returns it to me, I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall.

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  1. I saw Drift Away in the MTOA book but have not seen it posted on the AGLCA might want to give it a shot. Good luck!