Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Lost a Member of our Crew

We have a heavy heart tonight..... Our Gertie has gone to heaven..... She has been battling a disease that has stumped the vet for over a year. We have run blood work, done tests, even did exploratory surgery.....we finally settled on a rare disease, started her on some meds and she was doing great until last week. My mom called to say she wasn't doing well.... This morning she called and said we should come...so we drove to Florida only to discover she had indeed taken a turn for the worse. But in her weak state, she got up and meowed when she saw me... i scooped her up and she began to purrr.... She snuggled in my arms but I could feel her failing with every breath. My mom's friend suggested her vet. She said they were real nice so we called and we took her in to let her be free of her diseased body.....she is now back with her auntie smudge in kitty heaven.

~ Pam


  1. My deepest sympathy. There is a place for cats where mice like to be chased. And it's peaceful and beautiful. Stretch

  2. Pam and Dave
    So sorry to hear of Gertie's passing. Wish we could have been there for you as you both were for us. Be comforted knowing that she is now free of pain.
    Bob and Lynda

  3. With tearful eyes we share your sorrow and yet your joy of having her with you for the brief time.

  4. I'm so sorry to read this - sincere condolences to you, Pam and Dave. These furry kids bring so much to our families. Our hearts go out to you. Tonight, little Izzy will get more snuggle time before bed.

    Know that you did a difficult ultimate kindness. I wish I had some words for you that would take away the hurt... just know that many of us understand.

    Jim & Joan (Wild Blue)

  5. She had loving family.. RIP Gertie.

  6. Goodbye Gertie
    Rest easy good friend
    Your long watch over your humans is over
    Those left behind will struggle to carry your load

    Sorry for being so late with condolences on Gertie's passing. Just getting caught up on my reading here.

    Rick & Lori (Shadow, Squirt, Boots, Momma & Baby)