Monday, February 25, 2013

Springtime in Georgia

Winter only lasted for a few weeks here.  It consisted mainly of sixty degree days and  in the thirties at night.  The trees that lose their leaves did so.   They are starting to bud now.

Flowers can be found everywhere.  Tulips trees are blooming and are very beautiful.  But along with springtime comes rain.  It's been raining mostly at night, which I find to be very convenient, but it's pouring this morning, and it's forecast to rain for the next two days.

The dogs are funny when it rains.  Normally, they're barking their heads off at me, demanding to get off the boat to go potty.  This morning, at 10 AM, they're pretending to be asleep so we won't make them get off the boat.  Ruby is downstairs in our stateroom hiding under the covers, and Chevy is on the sofa curled up and looking very sad.

Olivia, on the other hand, really needed to go out.  She's the only dog that will do her business on the foredeck.   So Pam opened the door for her and she poked her head out, blinking and looking at the  rain in dismay.  Pam gave her a little shove with her foot and she immediately put it in reverse.  She then looked at me pathetically, with a look that wanted me to do something about it.  Finally, we opened the helm station door on the leeward side of the boat and she dashed out, did what she needed to do, and dashed back inside.

It's going to be a long two days.


  1. Wow-- 78 Degrees tomorrow down there....
    Ruby doesn't look happy having her picture take'n....

    Any tire kickers on the Drift away??

    1. Lots of interest on Drift Away. One guy was so interested that he came right over to look at it, without even emailing or calling first. He wants to use the boat for dinner cruises.

      I have had lots of "wouldya take" and "what's your lowest price" emails. I usually respond with a smart ass "what's your highest offer".

      But I have had a few sincere, solid inquiries. No checks have changed hands yet, though.

      You know I'm sort of an idealist. It's a fault I have. When a new and upcoming church wanted to rent my commercial building back in upstate New York, I rented it to them for $1 a month. A year later, when they wanted to buy it, I sold it for much less than what it was worth, and I'm holding a mortgage on it for them.

      Well, who I'd really like to sell Drift Away to is someone who has had a lifelong dream of cruising, but not a lot of money to buy a boat, who is willing to put some sweat equity in it to finish what Pam and I have started.

      But, of course, I'll sell it to whomever can write me a check. I'm not that idealistic.

  2. Izzy is not liking the rain thing either - except maybe the giant puddles that appear when it stops. It has been a challenge keeping her mud free. Still no plans/intentions on this end - starting to get comfortable here.