Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Does a Pelican, a Sunset, and a Windlass Have in Common?

Nothing that I know of.   But here are three pics for you.

First is a brown pelican.

A brown pelican's head turns from reddish-brown during the summer months to yellow in the winter to attract a mate.  The brown pelican is the only pelican in the world that dives from the air to the water for it's food.

Next is a Golden Isles sunset.

My stock photography company rejects every sunset I send them, saying they don't look natural.

Last, is the windlass.

I decided that it needed a fresh coat of paint before I paint the decks.  It was splashed with epoxy from when the decks were fiberglassed over.  I think I'll hit it with one more coat, maybe tomorrow.

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