Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anchored on the Duplin River, Sapelo Island, GA

We got pumped out and got underway around 8:45 yesterday.  All of our liveaboard friends were there to see us off and to see if we'd leave the dogs behind.  I was tempted, but Pamela gave me the look.  You know what I'm talking about, guys.

The trip south was pretty uneventful.  Little wind, no rain.   As usual, the Backwards Family left on a dropping tide instead of a rising tide, but we only ran into a few sections of 6' depth at dead low tide.  We only passed one other cruiser and a few fishing boats.   No commercial traffic at all.

We arrived at the Duplin River, Sapelo Island Georgia about 4:30.  We went about a mile up from the power lines and dropped the anchor.   I fired up the generator and clicked on the A/C in the master stateroom.  When I checked the outflow of the cooling pump there was nothing.   I went into the 135 degree engine room and checked the strainer and it was OK.   It must be a blockage in the intake line.  I tried to clear it for about fifteen minutes before surrendering to the heat.  I was in there enough on our trip draining water out of the fuel polishing system.

Photos later.

I awoke this morning with Pamela telling me that we're out of water.  How could that be?  We had a half a tank, 200 gallons!  

The plan today is to leave early for the remaining 30 mile run to Brunswick Landing Marina.  We should be there around noontime, plenty of time to get settled in for the fireworks.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. I have had one of those tank gauges stick at 3/4 once.
    Take the screws out of the sender and lift it slowly and see if it is frozen at the 1/2 tank level.
    This only works if your sender is like mine. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

    1. Lots went wrong on this short 30 mile hop. The water problem was a hose that came off the pressure tank, dumping 200 gallons into the bilge. More tomorrow. Arrived Brunswick 2:30.

  2. If it can happen it will and usually does.
    You gotta love the cruising life.
    A/C seems like the same problem I had. Critters growing in the coils and lines.
    You'll like Brunswick. I think I mentioned once that's Mel's hometown. Lots of things to take pictures of, but beware the gnats. They have teeth. Landing is a nice marina with a community of cruisers.
    Take a trip to Fernandina. Neat little place... Old.