Sunday, July 29, 2012

Meeting with Kent and we're buying the land

Pam and I met with Kent Boatguy, the head of the Black Duck R&D Center, at the Colony Grill in Stamford on Friday for lunch.  He apologized for his security guy not letting us in the Duck the night before, but he was only following orders. 

Kent's an amazing guy.  He said he needs to put together a budget for our next fiscal year, which he said started July 28th for some reason, and needed to know how much money we had left.  What a considerate guy, making sure he doesn't overspend on Navi-Nut (patent pending) development.

In summer home news, Pam and I agreed to a price on land on Bleecker Mountain in upstate New York.   It's a nice ten acre lot that will have a nice view of the mountains once I cut down  a whole bunch of trees.  I'll start a different blog for that project so I don't clutter up our liveaboard blog with construction stuff.  I'll make sure I put a link on this blog to the new one for those of you interested.

The land is undeveloped and covered in trees.  A road was put in, but that's it.  We hope to get what we need cleared done this fall by a logging company.  When we decide where the house, barn, and workshop will go, we'll put in the septic system and drill a well and build the barn.   The house we'll do in 2014 probably.  Of course, those of you who know me understand that I don't like plans and schedules, only vague ideas.

I'm sitting at the Village Pizzeria in East Galway, New York, surfing Al Gore's internets as I wait for my daughter and soon to be son-in-law for dinner.  Isn't modern technology cool?   If only I could do this on Bleecker Mountain.


  1. I LOVE the Village Pizzeria! I'm very jealous! Congrats to your daughter!

  2. Find out where the nearest cell tower is and if you have line of sight use a outside beam antenna.

    You may have to put up a tower to get over the tree's.

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to the new blog and watching the project unfold.

  4. Congrats on the land - sounds like a beautiful place. A piece of dirt AND a trawler... a fine combination.

    Captain Jim