Monday, July 9, 2012

Olivia's First Romp in the Water

Many cruisers and liveaboards have dogs, and one thing we all look for are places for the dogs to go.  Large lawns to run and play off leash, places to poop, and places to swim.  Brunswich Landing Marina has all three, although the dog swim area requires either a very long walk or a vehicle to get to.  It's only a hundred yards from the marina, but it's on the opposite side of the East River at a boat launch.

Our A/C was still broken on Sunday.  It got up to 104 degrees here.   Although the main saloon was a cool 96 degrees, we decided to take the dogs to the boat launch for a swim.   Ruby swims like an otter, and Chevy loves the water too.  We weren't sure about Olivia.  She'd been in the water a couple of times, always closely supervised.    This time we would let her off leash.  After all, she's four months old now.  That's almost two and a half in human years.   Time to kick her off the end of the dock to see if she'd sink or swim.

Once again, rather than take the time consuming slow way of posting the photos here, I stuck them in Movie Maker, which has the added benefit of allowing for music, credits, etc.  I hope you enjoy Olivia's First Water Romp


  1. FYI

    When the credits ran, about half way through they went so fast I couldn't read them.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Great job Dave! Looks like Ruby is definitely a "Full Displacement Trawler"! You're really getting the hang of your camera!!!

  3. Now that looked like they were having fun!! Great shots Dave! you can literally see the expressions on the dogs faces!

  4. Looked like so much fun. Just one question. How does Pam like being called Gramma?

    1. Lol.....I've been gramma for a long time. I have a 13 year old grandaughter. :)

  5. Wow, Dave - haven't checked out the blog lately - you have really stepped up your game. Photos are amazing. We are back on Broulee and hope to update blog soon.