Friday, July 27, 2012

The Visit to the Black Duck R&D Center

Finally, the big day had arrived.  I had scheduled our first corporate meeting at the Black Duck R&D Center to meet with Kent Boatguy, our head of research and new product development.  Kent had informed me that to keep our competition from learning our secret technology, he had disguised the Duck as a bar and restaurant.  Brilliant!

We arrived at 6:45 PM for our 7 PM meeting.  Outside was a sign that said "Closed for private party at 7 PM".   Another brilliant move on Kent's part.  Disguise the Duck as a restaurant and then close it.  So up we went.  A security guard stopped us.

"We're closed."

I winked at him.  "I know, but this private party is for me."

"Yeah?  And who are you?"

"I'm Dave Gibson."

"Yeah, and I'm Donald Trump.  Beat it."

"No, you don't understand.  See..."

"No, you don't understand.  We're closed, now go away."


"Go away."

So that was it.  While I have to say that I'm really proud of  all Kent's accomplished, and the closed restaurant thing and security guard was brilliant, it worked too good.

So Pam and I, along with friends Gary and Christine, went to the Dry Dock for food and eats.  Of course, Pam and I were both wearing our Black Duck tee shirts, complete with the Duck's slogan "Ruin your liver down by the river".  They let us in anyway.

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  1. That was one GREAT cup of coffee today!!!

    Hope your offer goes thru, though the only way you can be there is to get some kind of connection to Al Gore's Internet!!!