Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Traveling With Three Dogs and Two Cats for Nine Hours

This will be short.  I'm tired and cranky.

We drove 9 hours to Lexington, Virginia yesterday.  While I was checking into the pet friendly hotel here, the counter person asked if we had any pets. 

Yes, I said, we told you that when we called six hours ago. 

Oh, I see it right here, three dogs. 

Yes, I replied. 

Oh dear, we can't rent a room to you. We only allow two pets. 

Why didn't anyone tell me that when I called?  


What do you think we're going to do now?  Call the manager. 

Bottom line, we're in the room with three dogs. We snuck the two cats in the back door.  We have the TV on Animal Planet to cover up the cat and dog noises.


  1. Safe trip guys - glad things worked out. First time we traveled with Izzy, when she was a pup, we didn't want to pay the $10.00 extra charge so Rick carried her in and out covered in a blanket. She barked in the middle of the night and Rick and I had heart failure. We now pay the charge, it's worth a good nights sleep. Can't imagine traveling with your menagerie.

  2. Glad you stood your ground! We prefer to have "home" with us (RV or boat). The last time we had to stay in a motel, they charged us $10 extra for Izzy (our petite cat). She looked around and refused to sit on a chair until we put her "blankie" on there... the cat has good taste - I didn't sit on that chair, either. ;-)

  3. Safe trip y,all. Do you still have the Beta Fish?