Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog Anchorages

We just delivered our truck to Brunswick Landing Marina Sunday morning.   Friends Dick and Deb from Journey Too... picked us up.   We were pleasantly surprised to hear that they'll be joining us at Brunswick as well.

We're hoping to leave Tuesday morning to head to Sapelo Island and the Duplin River.   I contacted the Sapelo Visitor's Center and asked about a dinghy dock.   They replied "Good morning. In order to be able to visit Sapelo Island by dinghy, you would need to arrange a private day trip through one of the residents of the Hog Hammock community. They would be able to give you permission to use their community dock, and greet you there. A listing of those opportunities will be attached. Hope this helps!" 

Have any of you anchored there?   We'll need to get the dogs off the boat and to shore for potty breaks, not just for the private tour.

Any other anchorages between Isle of Hope and Brunswick with sandy beaches rather than muck?  


  1. Be careful... unfortunately Georgia is notorious for their mucky shores and alligators!Try emailing active captain, they travel with two dogs.

  2. We have anchored in Walburg creek just south of St. Catherines sound though we don't travel with pets other reviewers have. Its about a 35 mile trek from Isle of Hope, maybe a bit of a short day but a nice anchorage none the less. Theres a beach there but a bit away. We anchored right off the St. Catherines dock, beautiful sunsets. Back river and Darriens river are nice too but no place for the pups.

    Have a nice trip!