Friday, July 6, 2012

Savannah to Brunwick, GA in pictures

Daughter Megan and I took over 300 photos on the 90 statute mile trip from Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah to Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick.   I decided that rather than posting dozens of photos here, I'd make a slide show using Microsoft's Movie Maker and upload it to YouTube.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, I've heard that many cruisers avoid Georgia like the plague because they've heard that many people go aground because it's shoaled in many places and not marked well.   After making the trip myself, my response is HOOOEY.  Yes, at dead low tide we hit a couple of places that our depth sounder went off at six feet, but if we did go aground, which we did not, the rising tide would quickly lift us off.   There was no problem with the markers, just watch your chart's magenta line and stay in the middle of the channel on the straightaways and on the outside of the turns where the water is deepest.

I thought YouTube would be a good place for this video so that those ten or twelve cruisers in the US who do not read this blog might find it there.

Without further adeiu, Traveling the ICW from Savannah to Brunswick GA


  1. Awesome job on the pics Dave!!! Really liked the factory pic.

  2. Great pics, now our recommendation is to take a day trip via car to 1.Jekyll Island, 2. St. Mary's to catch the ferry that takes you to Cumberland Island. 3. Fernandina Beach,FL, 4. St. Simon's Island. Take your camera, lots to see at all these wonderful places.

  3. The "orange thing" is a cold water life capsule. Ships that travel the high latitudes have them, particularly those flagged in Scandinavian countries.