Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sittin' in a Dog Park

Yep.  Sittn' here in the Stamford (CT) dog park.  Pamela is picking seaglass at her favorite beach, and I have Ruby and Chevy at the dog park.  I'm on Al Gore's internets via our Verizon hot spot, which works great.

Yesterday we stayed with friends, and today we visited Dutchman/Sound Sailing Center where I once worked and had a nice reunion there.  Tonight is our corporate meeting at the Black Duck R&D Center in Westport.   I can't wait to see how it's been camouflaged as a bar and restaurant, of all things.

Tomorrow it's back up to New York where we hope to hear if our offer on the land has been accepted, visit for a few more days, and then it's back to Drift Away in Brunswick GA.

As I write this, the dogs are doing their usual routine.   Sargent Chevy is patrolling the yard's perimeter and Ruby is sleeping in a pile of mulch.

Oh, and I had a call from the Brunswick Marina boat yard the other day.  Besided painting Drift Away's bottom, I asked the yard to replace the packing in the propeller and rudder shafts.  It seems that the old packing there is so old that it can't be pulled out.  It just disintegrates.   Work boats don't pull out the old packing as a rule, Wayne said, and merely stuff in the new stuff, so that's what he's going to do.  Works for me.


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    1. Olivia is now in Brunswick GA along with Ruby, Chevy, Gertie, and me. While we were in CT, Livvy stayed in upstate NY.