Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Going on Vacation

Pam and I are going on vacation. 

On vacation, you ask?  Dave,  you don't work.  How can you go on vacation?  You're losing it, dude.

Yep, we're packin' up the critters in the back of the pick'em up truck an' we're headin' fer upstate New York fer a spell.  I have a class reunion, and there's a golf outting we're attending.   While we're gone, Drift Away is getting hauled for new bottom paint and to replace the packing in the stuffing boxes.  Both are long overdue, and since we live aboard, this would be a good time to get 'er done.

Yep.  I need a vacation to work on getting rid of this southern drawl that sometimes sneaks into my conversation.

So my blog posts will be infrequent, if at all, until we return.  I'm sure none of you are interested in either my class reunion or my golf game, which is very bad now, by the way.  Too many years of not playing.

I do have some stuff to share with you, though.  We took the dogs swimming again yesterday because it was soooo hot here and our A/C is still out.  Three dogs playing in the water means lots of fun photos, like this one.

I love freezing the action when dogs shake.

We're in for 18 hours of driving over the next two days.   Sometime during the next few days I'll process the 219 photos I took of the dogs swimming and post them to YouTube and do the blog.  So ya'all (DANG IT) check back in on Thursday or Friday.


  1. I better book some time off and hustle down there to look after the T-Bird for ya while y'er away! I know, it's a big inconvenience for me but I'll take the hit for the team! :-)

    Safe journeys.

  2. Have a great time all...ummm 8 of you? Stay safe.

  3. I need more warning Dave! We need to schedule our vacations at the same time so I don't go into morning withdrawal. I'd better warn my wife that I "MIGHT" be a little touchy for the next week or so.....

    Safe travels to ya'll and may Mr. Par (or for me Mr. Bogey) be your close friend on the course!!!

  4. Don't forget a sweater Dave, remember, it gets into the 60's up north at night.

  5. Looking forward to your visit. It hasn't rained here since June 12th and this week it's particularly perfect weather, so keep your fingers crossed. Don't forget your bathing suits (duh! you live on a boat!!) -- oh, and as Tom above state: you WILL need a sweater/sweatshirt here at night. It's often in the 80s during the day and in the 50s in the evening.

  6. Nothing wrong with a southern accent but when you start sayin stuff like "we goin to momn ems" and "ain't done it", "we's a fixin too", then we know you have a problem. Safe journeys and hurry back!!