Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Bleecker

Bleecker New York, that is.  It was a long drive yesterday, 11 hours from Lexington Virginia to Bleecker in upstate NY. 

Bleecker is really out in the boonies.  No cell service there, no cable TV, no nothing.  So no blog posts for awhile.  We're in town right now so Pam can register her car and I'm sitting in my truck, connected via our hot spot.

The dogs love Bleecker because they can run off leash all day.  The only excitement is the young bear that's been hanging out in the woods on the perimeter of the property.  It tried to get into my truck last night to get at the dog food in there.   Mostly just muddy paw prints, but also a couple of minor scratches from its claws.

It's much cooler on Bleecker Mountain than Brunswick, Georgia.  I actually put on a jacket last night, first time since February.

Our friend Rod called from Brunswick Landing Marina.  The A/C has been fixed, and Drift Away is on the hard and got power washed in preparation for bottom paint.

Today we plan on looking at modular homes.   A place nearby has a nice looking chalet style.  We're kicking around the idea of a summer place up here to get away from the sweltering heat of Georgia.  Just kicking the idea around, nothing planned.


  1. We are looking at Ecuador. Great climate and CHEAP!!

  2. sounds like y'all are aimin' to be snowbirds. lol!

  3. Following the seasons isn't a bad way to go. Post some images of what you come across in a "chalet style" place. Enjoy the cool!

  4. Dang coffee's been bitter for about four days now..... What's the problem? Bad batch??? Heat's getting to me??? Dave's in "BLEEKER"?????

  5. Is Bleeker on the road between Bleek and Bleekest?

  6. What the hell!....I am missing the daily dose of Dave...instead of buying a "modular home" why not move to the west coast of FL where the weather is really nice all the time and much cooler that GA! Ask anyone who lives here.
    close to a 100 in Ct today. Low 80's in Fl decide.

  7. Does anyone know when the next series of Driftaway starts again?

    1. We rarely have internet access, so we won't be updating much until we get back to GA. About a week, maybe even two. Lot's to write about. Class reunion tonight!

  8. I'm so depressed....... Somebody buy Dave a cabin so he can get back on the boat!!!!!

  9. I agree, missing the Dave!! You can't just cut us off like that. Your daily life experiences make us all feel better.