Saturday, June 30, 2012

105* and Living Aboard With Dogs

As any of you pet owners will attest, living with pets is both fulfilling and work.   Living aboard a boat with pets is even more work, and challenging.   Generally, boats are much small than houses.  If our boat was a rectangular box (Which it is not.  That would be dumb) it would be less than 1,400 square feet (46 feet long by 15 foot beam).   Eliminating the pointy parts, the side and aft decks, and the engine room, we're probably living in about  600 square feet.   Now, that's small by any standards.  Now figure in three people, three dogs, a cat and a kitten and you have a ridiculous scenario.   Which is probably why many of you read this blog.

Yesterday was a hot one, for sure.

It was 105 degrees and with the humidity the heat index was 133.  I kept the critters, and myself, indoors for most of the day.  It's coolest down below in the master stateroom, so I parked myself there.  I was soon joined by Chevy, who was followed by his adoring fan, Olivia.  Eventually Ruby and Gertie the cat ventured in, and we were all stuffed onto and around the bed.

I try to handle the four week old kitten as much as I can.  I heard once that it's important to do so.

Chevy the Ferocious Pitbull was very leery of the kitten, which rolled over on it's (don't know yet if it's a male or female) back so it was all fangs and claws to defend itself.   Chevy responded by hopping to the far side of the bed and barking like crazy.

But then, things settled down after I put the kitten back in its crate and all was quiet.

In the pic above, you can see how big three and a half month old Olivia is getting.

Late in the day, the Chevy and Ruby needed to get off the boat for their potty break (Olivia uses her astroturf piddle pad).  They went swimming to cool off, and later we stopped at the pavilion for happy hour.   No one was moving much.

Not even Jingles.

Today is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday.  So I will be even lazier and spend the entire day watching old TV reruns downstairs.

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