Monday, June 11, 2012

Eating in the Oldest House in Savannah

Pam and I don't eat out often, but when we do, we like to find interesting and unusual places to do so whenever we can.  Such was the case when we found the Pirate House in Savannah.  It's a series of connected buildings.  We ate in the oldest house in Savannah, which was built in 1733.

The oldest house.

The floors weren't wide planked, but rather any size that they had.

Megan trying to decide what to order.

The food was excellent, although a tad pricey for Savannah, I thought. 

In puppy news, we got home to find that Livvy, our three month old German Shorthair Pointer boat dog, likes to collect things and put them in her doggie bed.

Sandals, a potholder, a pen, a sneaker...

and for the first time, chewed up something.  She ate the bottom buttons off these flip flops.

It's a good thing she's cute.


  1. Ah yes puppies!! They teethe and play and chew just like regular toddlers...too cute!!

  2. Ummmmmm Dave.............. Dave............... It's after 1:00 central time and I haven't had my Drift Away fix yet........ I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.......... Did you get the Whaler running well enough to go faaaaar???? Did Olivia chew up your computer???? Did Pam bring home another animal????? DID DRIFT AWAY FLOAT AWAY?????

  3. Yeah Dave,,, we normally enjoy our morning cup of coffee and a chuckle to see what is happening with Drift Away. Are you sleeping in these days?? It's 5pm Eastern,,, glass of wine in hand and no Drift Away...Ah Well,,, Dave,,,knock knock,,,