Monday, June 4, 2012

Maneuvering Big Boats in Tight Places

Isle of Hope Marina's docks have no slips.  All the boats tie up to face docks.   The fairways between the docks are tight for big boats and moving one boat often involves moving several.   Like yesterday.

First, Doc's Holiday needed to be moved from behind Drift Away, which was first snugged up close to Chateau Margaux in front of us.

It was a tight squeeze but Rick, one of the marina's owners, is a real pro at maneuvering boats. He had dock hands on each side of the boat hollering out the clearance on each side.

You can see why it's difficult for the helmsman on boats like this, which is big and boxy to maximize interior volume.   Rick is up on the flybridge and it's difficult to judge distances.

Next, the big Gulfstar sailboat was to back down the fairway to dock behind Drift Away. 

The current had started to flow which kept pushing him to the right side of the fairway towards Chateau Margaux.  After several aborted attempts, it was decided to have him come in bow first where the captain could use his bowthrusters to move the bow where it needed to be.

The thrusters could barely fight the current,  but the stern was being pushed off.  A Gulfstar crewman managed to toss Chris a line, who is on Big Wave, the big boat on the left in the pic above.  He couldn't pull the stern in, but he cleated the line off so it wouldn't hit Chateau Margaux.  With the boat stabilized, the Gulfstar slowly made its way in.

The captain got the bow in far enough so a bow line could be thrown to Thompson on the dock.

Then it was simply a matter of engine, bowthruster, and muscle.

The plan is to wait for slack tide and then move the Gulfstar behind Drift Away.

In other news, last night Pam and I were enjoying a couple of glasses of wine on the dock and chatting with folks while the dogs were enjoying hanging out on the dock with us.   Pam then noticed that Livvy's leash led over the side of the dock.  I scrambled over and pulled Livvy in from the water.

The score is now Gertie 4, Ruby 3, Chevy 3, and Livvy 2.  At this rate, Livvy will hit 52 in a year.

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  1. Don't mess with Doc Holliday, you'll have Marshall Dillon on your case.