Sunday, June 3, 2012

Having Fun on the Skidaway River

The Skidaway River flows past Isle of Hope, Georgia and is part of the Intracoastal Waterway.    It has both recreational and commercial traffic.  Seeing as how yesterday was a picture perfect Saturday, 99% of the traffic was recreational.  I thought I'd play Peeping Tom (or evil stalker?) and photograph the goings on.  It's good practice with the camera.



Snacks.   Sometimes dinner.


Looking for dinner.

Catching dinner.

Jamie with my dead A/C cooling pump.

Enjoying the sunshine.

The Coastal Queen.  We saw it last in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Bow riding.


I have no idea what this is.  A bird flying underwater?

Tom and Jan's dog "Peanut".

A State Ranger going to the aid of a 20' boat that went aground and was taking on water.

Scarred dolphin.

Crew wiping down puh-Sea-cat...

and then playing with the dogs.

An evening cruise.

ET, the extra-terrestrial.

A moonlight cruise.

A full moon means high tides...

and a bright evening.

Even though it's late Saturday evening, the commercial traffic still moves.


  1. There are a breed of duck that dives under water and comes up an amazing distance away.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. You're photog's eye is developing nicely Dave. :-)

    The pic of the sailboat guy, wow, he's got everything hung off the back of that boat. When I took the Navy clearance diver training way back in the '80's we all saw pics in class of people caught in rigging on capsized boats like that. Having to dive on a flipped boat like that brings shivers up and down my spine!

    One of the things on my wish before we head south is a good camera. I sold all my old Nikon 35mm camera's years ago. I miss having good equipment.

    How's Gertie?

    1. My sailing friends call that "de crap on de back". LOL!

      Gertie is much improved. We changed her brand of cat food and that seems to have made a difference. She's no longer wheezing and struggling to breathe. She's still emaciated and very scrawny, though. Hopefully she'll put on a pound or two.