Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bring a Kitten to Happy Hour

First, I'd like to give a big thumbs up to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and in particular Ranger Bryson. 

I had sent in the paperwork to get the Whaler registered here in Georgia over a month ago.   I hadn't heard anything so I called DNR.   The lady that answered said there was a hold up because the hull ID number on the old Whaler didn't fit their format, which changed in 1972.   I guess that means that the Whaler is older than that.  It would have to be inspected by a DNR ranger. 

Not having a trailer made it impossible for me to bring the boat to them, so they went out of their way and came to the marina.  They gave the Whaler a new hull ID number and even gave me a registration number.  Thanks Mr. Bryson!

Happy hour rolled around yesterday at the same time as the kitten feeding.  Pam brought "it" (we're not naming it) up to the marina pavilion where "it" was a big hit.  See for yourself.

First was Paula...

Then it was Jeffrey's turn...

and then Suzette...

and then back to Pamela for another feeding.


A fun happy three hours followed by a perfect sunset.

Another perfect Isle of Hope Day.  I wonder what the poor people did?

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