Friday, June 15, 2012

My Day in Two Pictures

Pam is at work, Megan is sleeping.   My job is to watch the evil teething puppy of death.


  1. Hmmm guess someone was sleep while on watch!

  2. She's so very cute when she's sleeping!!

  3. looks like she didn't enjoy the movie!!

  4. I hope she didn't eat the DVD-- What's NetFlix gonna think about that?? Are you bringing the teething puppy of death with you when you move??

    What does Drift Aways bottom look like?? It must have a heavy beard buy now-- Are you gonna have it cleaned for the 90 Mile trip south??

    Did you need a new A/C Pump or was it repaired??

    How's the Whaler??

    1. Well, lessee.

      There are teeth marks on the DVD. I reported it to Netflix.

      The bottom looks like a jungle. A diver is coming to clean it this week, and we'll have it hauled in July to get the bottom painted.

      A new A/C pump was installed.

      The Whaler is OK. It's jammed in between our boat and another and we can't get it out. It's OK because we're moving Drift Away to another marina in a couple of weeks.