Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me This?

5-Day Forecast for Savannah, Georgia

Today:   Sunny,  High: 93 F,  Low: 70 F
Tomorrow:  Sunny,  High: 99 F,  Low: 77 F
 Saturday:  Mostly Sunny,  High: 101 F,  Low: 78 F
 Sunday:  Partly Cloudy,  High: 98 F,  Low: 78 F
 Monday:  Partly Cloudy,  High: 98 F,  Low: 78 F

Our trawler park bakes in the hot Georgia sun, and our main saloon is like an oven, even with the A/C running full blast.   I think I'll be spending most of the upcoming days down below in the master stateroom where the A/C can keep the temps in the 70s.   Yes, watching old cowboy movies.

Tonight is potluck dinner night here at the marina.  I hope it cools down a bit by then.

I started both engines and spun the props on Drift Away yesterday.  I want to make sure everything is OK for our trip south.  Depending on the weather, we're thinking of leaving on July 3rd, arriving at Brunswick on July 4th.

Drift Away Pet News:

The four week old kitten had it's first meal not in a bottle.  It had to stand in the dish because it couldn't reach otherwise.

 The view from the bridge:

Thompson and his dog Bo are a stark contrast to the big expensive yacht.   Who's having more fun?   In other exciting Thompson news, he just got a part in a movie about the band Blondie.  He'll be playing the drummer.  Watch for him!

I found a home for this Force 10 stove.  I just have to get it to the UPS store.   Gump, I need your address.

Two deer on Burnt Pot Island watch Reel Play pass by.   They swim from Burnt Pot to Isle of Hope every evening to spend the night.  Fewer alligators in town, I guess.


  1. You know, there's a reason snowbirds go north in summer. I'm just sayin'...

  2. I hear Maine is beautiful this time of year.....

  3. Ayuh. We'll just crack through 80 mid day this weekend and drop to 60 overnight with sunshine(now the rain has stopped,...)

    I follow Driftaway and even relate some to my family. Last night in the back yard in the cool breeze next to the babbling brook, I recalled Daves post above to my son(who didn't flinch at the 101 as he goes to school there), and wife of Celtic blood, that melts and then explodes above 85F.

    She said, "Why don't they just leave and go up the coast?"

    Dave, what do I tell Mary Ann? :)