Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Blog Features

Y'all might.... there it is again.

You might notice a few changes in the look of this blog.  I added a search tool for your convenience so you can sort through all the drivel and find something useful maybe.  

I also added our most popular blog posts, which include health insurance and what it costs to go cruising, among others.  Perhaps the oddest, to me, is the Thompson's Waterseal report.  Must be a lot of leaking decks out there.  Bottom line- it seals leaks for only a short time.  Don't do it.

Some of you like the photos, so I posted a link to my Flickr account which has some of my better stuff, much of it not boating related.

Yesterday's Photos Section:

Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, or when I have a boat project that I want to put off, I go outside with my camera for an hour or so and photograph what comes by.  Here are yesterday's photos, which I took instead of unclogging the sink drain in the master stateroom.

I wonder if there will be anything to photograph in Brunswick?  I might actually have to unclog that drain.


  1. Looks like the kitten has found a HOME.... Great pics Dave!!!

  2. Poor Livvie, she looks a little forlorn. Ousted by a cute little kiteen whom is yet to be named! Great photos! So the name of the new four legged critter?

  3. Come on Dave and Pam, spill it. Kitty needs a name!

  4. The kitten is going to Pam's mom in July. Its name is Bye-Bye.