Saturday, June 2, 2012

Advertising? Here?

As many of you know, I write this blog for fun and giggles.  It's meant to be (mostly) lighthearted and entertaining, both for you and for me.  I briefly considered "monetizing" the blog when the hit count got up to 300 a day, but after Pam got done yelling at me decided it would be a bad idea and didn't do it.

So no advertising for me.  Heck, I don't think I ever mentioned Pam's website here,, where she practically gives away her beautiful seaglass jewelry for free. 

I've gotten emails over the past few months asking if I would move my blog from blogspot to other hosts (no).  I received an email a few days ago asking if I'd join some site called "" where I could pay to ride in an imaginary train as a first class passenger to promote this blog (no).

I received an interesting email from a fella whose company designed a graphic about the problem of human waste and modern toilet technology to deal with it.  He apparently found one of my posts about Drift Away's sanitation systems using a search engine and asked if I'd embed the graphic in my blog.  The graphic is, well, a little graphic, and seeing as how many of you are, I'm sure, sensitive souls, I'll just give you a link to click on if you'd like to see it -  The link to see the whole graphic is at the bottom (tee hee) of the page.

Yesterday, I received an interesting email from a couple who, they claim, follow our blog.  They liveaboard a 42' Bristol trawler with eight chihuahuas.   They've just published two books.  Lonnie's is about buying and restoring a 90 year old boat.  Jinna's book is a compilation of interviews with their eight chihuahuas and what it's like living aboard with two humans.  Sounds like fun!  They're selling books to raise money for what they hope will be a Great Loop cruise.  They're musicians as well and play Celtic music (I'm  half Scot/Irish), and you know I love music, so what the heck, here is a link to their website -

And that's about the extent of advertising on Drift Away's blog. 


  1. Given your well-deserved pageview counts, I think you should try advertising. You can always turn it off. Advertising funds the Internet so it's not a bad thing. That is, as long as it's not the obnoxious pop-ups one has to endure before gaining entry into the content. I say give it a shot. And I enjoyed reading the sanitation link. Very creative graphics!

    1. NOOOOOOO! I hate advertising on things that are meant for ads, putting my foot down.

      :) pam

      Ps, can't wait to see you guys next month!

  2. We agree with Pam. Advertising? Almost every web page we encounter has some form of advertisement. As a cruiser, we find this disappointing. Our air card allows us only so much data and advertising uses up our allowable data. As far as we're concerned, we'd like no advertising.

  3. Whatever you decide I'll still be reading your blog every day to brighten up my landlubber days. I also like the list you have of blogs on the side of your page. I used to keep a gob of them as favorites, now I just check them out from your blog. BUT you're definitely #1!!!