Friday, June 8, 2012

Boats Boats and More Boats

People ask me "Dave, why do you take so many photos of other people's boats?".   Well, OK, actually no one has asked me that, but I'm surprised.

1. It's hard to get a good photo of your own boat underway because normally you're on your own boat when underway.

2. I'm a boater myself, and so I'm interested in all the different designs of other boats.

3. Some boats have interesting names.

4. I'm hoping that one of those wealthy yachters will see his boat on my blog and pay me handsomely for a high resolution copy of it.

5. Maybe there will be a topless bikini babe on board (I can say that now because Pam is at work).

Best Revenge, New York NY.

Jenny Lee, Jacksonville FL.  Yeah, I shouldn't have taken it before they got their fenders in.

Donna Marie, Savannah GA.

Unknown fishman.

Marine Patrol responding to an emergency.

Karlou, Delaware. 

I like the way the name  was applied.

Rhumb Line, Switzerland FL.

Manzanita, Tidewater VA.

Hmmm... maybe not everyone likes being photographed.

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