Friday, June 29, 2012

The People of Pot Luck

Yesterday was a hot one.

Here is today's forecast.

5-Day Forecast for Savannah, Georgia

Today:   Sunny,  High: 101 F,  Low: 76 F
Tomorrow: Sunny, High: 99 F, Low: 78 F
Sunday:  Partly Cloudy,  High: 98 F,  Low: 78 F
Monday:  Isolated Thunderstorms,  High: 95 F,  Low: 78 F
Tuesday: Isolated Thunderstorms, High: 92 F, Low: 76 F


Yesterday was also our last pot luck dinner at Isle of Hope Marina.  Maybe it's my imagination, but as I was sitting there taking in the company and comaraderie I thought everyone looked relaxed and stress free.  Is it the liveaboard life style?  Was it the good company and conversation?   Was it the wine?

Our dogs were part of the fun too.  Olivia decided she'd play hostess for Ruby and Chevy and made repeated trips down to the docks to fetch Oysters off the pilings for them.

Olivia, Megan's German Shorthair Pitbull Oyster Hound.

Do you know how hard oyster shells are?   And sharp?  Really, you can't make this stuff up.

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