Saturday, June 23, 2012

the Black Duck R&D Center Goes Undercover!

The Drift Away crew is planning a trip back home to upstate New York in July.   Part of the travel will be to Westport Connecticut, home of the Black Duck R&D Center, for a long overdue employee meeting.   We were planning the trip in May, but Kent (head of R&D of the Navi-Nut Corporation) said not to come yet.  He said he needed some time to prepare for our arrival.  Why, I dunno, but I trust Kent's judgement.

As you all know, there are corporate spies everywhere.    Kent, Kurt, and LI Boat Guy, a few of our key people, said that they decided they needed to disguise our R&D Center, and it will be ready for our arrival.   Are you ready for this?  I think it's brilliant.

That's right!  They've disguised the R&D Center as a pub and restaurant!  Perfect!   Complete with t-shirts and everything!   Sure, it cost a small fortune, but what a great way to outwit the competition!

As an added surprise, Kent sent us a camouflaged bag of brand new edible navi-nuts.   This model, version 5, comes complete with barnacles on the hull, and like version 4, closely resembles a boat's hull with a bow, a stern, and a rounded bottom. 

The best part of all is how Kent and the guys faked out the competition by disguising the bag as "Trader Joe's Sesame Honey Almonds"!   LOL!  I LOVE IT! 

I know what you're thinking.   You're thinking "That's wonderful, Dave, but technology like that must be very expensive."   Well, admittedly, yes it is, but I need to recoup some of my hefty investment in our R&D.   Kent is very sensitive to our money issue though and often asks if we have any money left.   What a considerate guy.

We'll wring the bugs out of the Navi-Nut (patent pending) on our July trip south from Isle of Hope to Brunswick, Georgia and make a full report.

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