Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day, the '56 Thunderbird, erecting Ben and Joe's Pole, and the new kitten

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.  Here is this morning's Isle of Hope sunrise for you.

Although not as difficult as being a mom, being a dad can be a challenge, but it is also something special.  I'll never forget when my daughter was born over 37 years ago.  It's burned into my memory and I remember it like it happened 37 seconds ago.  I might forget what I had for lunch yesterday, but I'll never forget November 10th, 1974.  I'll also never forget my own dad who passed away a couple of years ago, leaving me his 1956 Thunderbird. 

In rememberance of him, I took the T-bird out of storage and brought it to a car show at J.C. Lewis Ford here in Savannah for their Father's Day show on Saturday.  If you look at this short video clip, you'll see the 'bird.

I didn't clean the car well and so it wasn't show quality, but I did the best I could with a spray bottle of vinegar and water and an old greasy towel.  It was a fun day and I met some really nice people.  Many asked about the car ("Is that the original color?") and I overheard many comments ("look at the little round window!").  Yep, a fun day.

Back at the boat, Ben came by and asked if I'd help erect the pole for his wind generator.  Sure, of course I would. 

The pole and the generator were heavy and it required several of us.  The first task was figuring out how to do it.  It was decided to move Whirlwind back to the main T so that we would have a stable platform to assemble everything.

Everything was put together and the pole went up.  Now came the daunting task of getting bolt holes to line up.  With four people positioning the pole and Ben trying to get the bolt through (the mount, the pole, the pole, the mount), it wasn't an easy task.

There was the main pole and the two struts.

Despite our help, Ben was able to get the bolts inserted.


In animal news, Pam brought home this three week old kitten.  It was found it the woods by a customer of her vet.  Something gnawed on it and it has a hole in it's stomach, but it should be OK.  It has to be fed every few hours, and rather than Pam going there, she brought the kitty home with her.

Ruby and Chevy, the two vicious pitbulls, were hiding.   They were afraid of it.  But Livvy the puppy who doesn't know better was fascinated by the kitty.  

Awwww.... isn't it... NO!!!   NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!


  1. Time to rename the boat to "Pam & Dave's Ark"! :-)

  2. Lol.... No, the kitty is not staying. I did tell Dave we might consider a name change, though...."critters galore".

  3. so your cruising blog is now reduced to taking pictures of dog shit?

  4. The kitty is not staying? That's what I thought 30 years and 3 cats ago... it brings a whole new meaning to "cruising kitty." ;-)