Friday, June 1, 2012

Mystery Fish

I've always been amazed by the many varieties of animals there are.  For example, consider all the different types of dogs there are, from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds.   Just think of all the different kinds of birds there are, humming birds to California Condors.  It's really incredible.

Recently, we've had strange looking fish appear on our marina's docks.  They must have leapt out of the water in pursuit of prey and landed on the docks.  Long and silver with needle-like teeth, with a dorsel fin that runs from its head to its pointed tail, and apparently not too bright. 

I searched online to no avail.  I finally posted the above photo on Facebook and within a short time it was identified as a Cutlass Fish, sometimes called a Ribbon Fish.  This guy, like the others that landed on the docks, was a juvenile, about a foot long.  Adults average three feet and can get as long as five feet.  I suppose that their teeth get proportionally bigger as well.

I thought this guy was dead, but when I tossed him into the water he swam away.  Hopefully, he puts in a good word with his five foot long parents for me.

For you late risers, I took a series of photos of this morning's sunrise for you. 

No problem, glad to do it.

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  1. I grew up boating in the Indian and Banana Rivers in FL (Port Canaveral)and we caught these fish all the time with mullet. We called them ribbon fish,too. Most of the fishermen laughed when we told them we ate them. What's not to love? Easy to catch, easy to fillet, add butter and lemon...we never minded catching 'em!