Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Mundane Day In Photos

Yesterday was just a typical day here in Isle of Hope, Georgia.  Nothing really special happened that this blog should highlight, yet it was a really nice day.  Maybe these non-special days are the ones that define our lives, the ones that are more special to us as we get older.  We learn to appreciate things that we used to consider mundane in our younger years.

Yesterday started off with Livvy removing every single toy from the doggie toy box.

She then discovered Ruby's bell. As a puppy, Ruby used to take great delight in flinging it at the cats. Livvy was alarmed by the noise a bell makes and barked her disapproval at it.

It's a good thing that puppies are cute.

Jamie, our HVAC guy, called about our non-functioning A/C cooling pump.  He's booked solid, and until he could arrive suggested that I take the pump apart to see if it was packed with muck.  It was not.  Hopefully, he can come today to check out the pump's motor, which I believe is the problem.

Gertie is still recovering from having all of her organs removed and reinserted.

Gertie spends all day sleeping in the master stateroom head.  Poor kitty.  The operation really took a toll on her, but she's definitely better and no longer struggles for each breath.

It was a hot day yesterday, and since our A/C is broken, we took the dogs up to the yard and let them swim...

and roll in the grass.  I don't know why dogs do that, but they seem to enjoy it immensely.

We only let the dogs swim at high tide so that they don't step on the razor sharp oysters.  Chevy's accident in March is how we wound up staying here.  We didn't let Livvy swim since she's only a puppy and doesn't know basic voice commands yet such as "come here" and "don't make me come down there young lady!".  She apparently doesn't know the command "stay" either because she vanished.  Pam and I, as well as Ruby and Chevy, searched all over the yard for her for a good fifteen minutes to no avail.  Ben happened to be in the pavilion and heard Pam calling for her and pointed to the doggie water bowl there.  It seems that Livvy decided that if she couldn't swim, she was going to hang out there and get something cool to drink.

It was still really hot so we dared to take the Whaler out for a ride.  It was high tide and there was a small sandy spot on Burnt Pot island where we stopped so the dogs could swim again.  Livvy got her first dip.

She's a bird dog, not a water dog, and pulled and pulled to get out of the water and up onto the island, where there are probably birds.  We let her off leash and made her stay in the water, much to her dismay.

The dogs seem to enjoy riding in the boat.  There's much to see...

like this Osprey.

Back at the marina, I was fortunate to get a few photos of a Green Heron.

He was sitting on a dock line, waiting for fish to come by.


Pam and I sat outside on the dock where there was a slight breeze.  I had helped a transient come in, and Jeff and Grace from Seaglide joined us in watching distant thunderstorms while enjoying a few docktails.

Jeff and Grace just bought Seaglide and were delivering it from Florida to Myrtle Beach.  They intend to do the Great Loop next year.  They're really nice folks, lots of fun, and they will fit right in to the cruising community.  They started a blog, which will be great fun to follow as they get ready for their big adventure.   You can read it here at

It was tough sleeping last night and I was up at 5:30.  I surfed Al Gore's internets for a bit but took time to photograph today's beautiful Isle of Hope sunrise for you.

I went back to bed where I promptly fell asleep, over sleeping until 10 AM.  And that, my friend, is why this blog is late today.


  1. The crew from Wild Blue (including Izzy the boat cat) send our best wishes for Gertie's continued improvement.

    Captain Jim

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  3. Sounds like the Whaler got everyone back under it's own steam!!

    Glad to hear Dirty Gertie is doing better-- Gertie looks just like a cat we had many years ago...

    I'll assume you checked for voltage going to he A/C Pump-- Maybe the pump just got old and decided to retire...

  4. May follow seaglide as you did help us too. Will welcome them in. :)