Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beryl? We Can Use the Rain

Beryl didn't hit us last night.  It's now 175 miles southeast of us, heading west southwest.  It's then supposed to make a U turn once inland and hit us on the way out.  Since we're having an extreme drought here in the southeast, we can use the three to six inches of rain Beryl is predicted to drop on us.  My little Home Cheapo weather station now shows winds at 14 MPH, gusting to 22.  That will probably pick up as the day goes on since we're on the outer edge of the storm.

Pamela has declared that today we shall go shopping.  It seems that she's in decorating mode, and our blinds take up too much wall space, completely covering the spaces between the windows.  Smaller blinds means more places to hang stuff.  She also asked me how good I sew and has something in mind for our stateroom.  No, I didn't ask.  So since it looks  like we're in for a few days of rain, we might have a few indoor projects to keep us busy.

Today's photo section features Chevy, our 80 pound male pitbull.  He's been mostly ignoring Olivia the puppy, but yesterday played with her a little.  It started out with Livy attacking Chevy as he walked by.

And then Chevy nipped back.

And then everyone laughed.

Livy persisted in her attack.  When he's had enough, Chevy either hides under the table, runs down to our stateroom, or hops up on the couch.  Pamela was taking a nap on the couch. 

No problem.


  1. That last picture really got me laughing.

    What a way to wake up from a nap. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Help me momma! Help me! She's touching me!! LOL!!

  3. He does know that he's a gazillion times bigger and stronger that the little yapper right??? What was Ruby doing during this friendfest? Sitting under the table laughing at Chevy??? The girls sure do outnumber the guys on your boat! Time for a couple more Male Yappers to even out the teams.....