Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Always Always Always Always Always Bring the Camera

First, my morning sunrise photo.

Pam went to pick up Gertie at the vet's.   Gertie went there on Friday and was scoped on Saturday.  The vet can find absolutely nothing wrong, yet she continues to have breathing problems.  I guess it's just the way it is.

Gertie soon discovered our latest addition to the critter crew- Sebastion the fish.  She was fascinated by it, and did everything she could to figure out how to get him.  Gertie watched him for hours.  I guess it's like NatGeo TV for cats.

As I was getting off the boat, I noticed yet another addition to our critter crew.  His spidey sense was tingling.

Isn't he cute?  Look at those big eyes.  He looks surprised to see me.

I took the dogs up to the yard to play, bringing my camera as I usually do. Not much to photograph.

Just a stupid old mockingbird.  The dogs played a bit and I brought them back to the boat.  Pam and I made a run to Barnes and Noble where we bought an Audubon Field Guide to Wildflowers and a Birds of Georgia field guide.  Now, when I take a pic of a flower or bird for you, I should be able to correctly identify it.

Later in the afternoon, it was time to take the dogs up to the yard again.  I left the camera on the boat.  It seems silly to lug it around just to take a photo of a dumb mockingbird or something.   I was tossing a tennis ball for the dogs.  They both run after it, a contest to see who can get it first.  One dog gets it and runs, and the other tries to take it away.  Great fun if you're a dog.

On one throw, the ball rolled under a boat trailer and they couldn't get to it.   As they both tried to squeeze under, who comes hopping out of the bushes to get it?  A mink.  He ran towards the tennis ball, but then the dogs popped out from under the trailer and were running around it to get the ball.   The mink bounded into the bushes.   The dogs didn't see the mink and the mink was safe.   Wow, how cool is that?  Pretty cool, you're thinking, but that's not the end of it. 

I tossed the ball in the other direction and the dogs ran off,  and I stood on the bank overlooking the river.  The shore is protected from erosion by big chunks of old sidewalk that were dumped along it.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.   It was the mink, darting over and under the chunks and coming my way.   He was small and a light brown color, maybe a youngster.  I stood there motionless, watching.   His head popped up and he saw me.   We looked at each other.   He slowly climbed out and walked towards me.  When he got just a few feet away, I started backing up.  Maybe he wondered what kind of creature I was, maybe he was going to nibble on my toes, I dunno.  Why didn't I bring my camera?  Finally, something very cool to photograph and I am sans-camera!

The dogs saw the mink and came running.   The mink ran over the bank and I grabbed both dogs.  I don't think they'd hurt the mink but I didn't want to find out.

Back at the boat, we relaxed with a glass of wine, watching the boat traffic coming and going.  A big cruise boat came by.

Can you imagine this coming towards you in a narrow section of the ICW?

Look at the kid steering, the one in the red shirt.  He's like what, 14 or 15?

I thought he'd have a hard time with the 120 degree hairpin turn, but managed nicely with his thrusters.

And away he went.

We liveaboards often help transients who come in after hours when the dock hands are gone.  Sometimes the current flows at a pretty good clip and it's nice to have someone to throw a line too.   Such was the case last night when we helped a couple of sailboats in.   And then this arrived, an 85' 1935 Trumpy yacht named Enticer.

Isn't she beautiful?   She's one of three Trumpys owned by McMillen Yachts, Inc.  She is in bristol condition, absolutely perfect.

Their guests certainly have a beautiful yacht to enjoy.  Sorry that the pic below is a little out of focus.  I snuck taking their pic and thought it would be rude if I used a flash, and I don't have a tripod aboard.

They left this morning on their way north.

So what will today bring?  I don't know, but I'm bringing my camera.


  1. Dave, I'm thinking that you are liking that Camera a lot. Very nice pictures you are taking.

    1. Thanks Joe! Yes, I'm having a ball with this Nikon D3100. I should have bought a DSLR long ago.