Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Head Remodel, Part 241

Pam worked a long day yesterday, 7 AM to 6 PM.  I felt a little guilty just sitting at my laptop surfing Al Gore's internets, so I decided I should get back to boat projects.  The current one is the head remodel in the master stateroom.

I had accomplished quite a lot up to this point, working in little dribs and drabs.  I had removed the Groco head for a rebuild, gave up on that and bought a new Jabasco and installed it.  While it was out, though, I pulled off the old peeling wallpaper and put up new wainscoting, not an easy job in a tight place with lots of angles and jags.  I installed new carpeting.  Now it was time to put tile on the counter top. 

I had the tile, bought from Lowe's, but for some reason I didn't buy the grout.  I hopped in the T-bird and hied myself to nearby Mayview Hardware, one of those nice old fashioned hardware stores that are becoming harder and harder to find.  I bought premixed grout, and while there picked up a few odds and ends, like sponges for the grout and a new shower hose for the head since the old one was coming apart.   As I was waiting at the checkout, I noticed that it was raining, in buckets.   I had left the windows down on the car.   ~sigh~. 

Next stop was Seafoodlicious (I love the goofy name!) to pick up a pound and a half of scallops for the nice dinner I was going to make for Pam.  Then back to the boat to get underway!

I don't have a tile saw, but I could make a cardboard template of the space, mark it on the tile, and take the tile back to Lowe's to have them cut it for me.  As I pondered the problem, and not wanting to take the T-bird back out in the rain, I played around with the tiles.  They almost fit with no cutting.  Almost.  What to do?

I took my Dremel (the world's most useful tool) and cut the paneling a bit so I could slide the tile underneath. Perfect! There was only one tile I would have to cut. I certainly didn't want to drive all the way to Lowe's with one itty bitty tile, so I scored it with my Dremel, grabbed it with needle nose pliers and snapped off the piece.  The jagged edge would be hidden under the paneling.  Perfect!

I didn't use grout to glue the tiles in place, but opted for small dabs of construction adhesive instead.  I had to work quickly because the adhesive sets up, but since the tiles are pre-spaced by the nettting on the underside it was easy.   I saved the grout to put between the tiles.  If you've never grouted before, it's an easy job.  The grout is the consistency of thick peanut butter.  Just apply it with your grouting tool (in my case, my right index finger) and smooch it into the spaces between the tiles.   Apply liberally. 

Let it set up a little and then take a wet sponge and wipe off the excess.  Allow to dry.

The last steps were cutting and gluing trim in place and gluing the fiddle (the front wooden piece that keeps things from rolling off counters in waves) back in place.

Not too bad for an amateur.  I put the toothbrushes and trimmers back and popped open a victory beer!

Gertie checked it out and said it's OK.

The scallops came out alright, by the way.  I didn't have to cook anything else because neighber Gene sent over sweet potatoes and corn.  Pamela approved.


  1. So does Pam get a VICTORY BEER when she gets home each afternoon? What's next on the project list? Or am I getting way too far ahead of yourself??

  2. Pam has a wine when she gets home from work. She doesn't call it a victory wine though. I'm not sure what she calls it.

    Not sure what's next on the project list. I think we're getting close to the big one, the painting of the boat. I'm running out of excuses (too hot, too cold, too sunny, too cloudy, too windy, not windy enough).

  3. Way too late for a project like that! Gotta wait for cooler weather, like November....