Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tall Ships Leaving Savannah

Tall ships made a visit to Savannah over the weekend.  We didn't make it to board the ships, but we decided to watch them leave on Monday.   Megan, Pam, and I hopped in the Thunderbird and drove to Fort Pulaski, which is right on the Savannah River.  Many other people had the same idea and the parking lot was packed. 

We'd never been to Fort Pulaski, but a quick check of the brochure showed a gun emplacement on the river, so that's where we went.    It's very pretty at Fort Pulaski.

There was a stone pier there that was packed, so we hiked along a trail that more or less followed the river.   Passing this spot, I started thinking about alligators and water moccasins.  In Georgia, you don't just hop into a pond to catch frogs.

We found a nice place with a good view and parked ourselves to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

I can't sit still with a camera.  I started taking photos of everything the least bit interesting, and the longer I sat, the more interesting mundane things became, like this diving pelican.  I love pelicans. 

Pam must have gotten bored too because she started looking for shells.  She was joined by a Jack Russell Terrier who wanted to see what she was doing.

It was breezy and threatening rain.  The natives were getting restless.

I took an interest in a brightly dressed pretty little girl and whom I am assuming is her grandma, equally photogenic.   They made a great pair and a fun subject to photograph.

Grandma was showing grandaughter how to make a sand castle.  She didn't seem too interested at first.

A fine sand castle, built to withstand whatever nature throws at it, except waves and a rising tide.

Where are those tall ships anyway?   Hey look, a stork!   Apparently on his way back from a delivery.

A mother and son made a fine subject next.

Where are those stupid tall ships?   Pam was expanding her exploration territory.

At this point, I even resorted to stalking a tiny fiddler crab, who had the unique ability to run away from me while turning his eyeball stalks backwards to watch me.

And then there they were!   Here came the first one!    It was the US Coast Guards Eagle.   And believe it or not, if you look closely, you will see an eagle flying just to the left of it.  OK, it's really a seagull, but how cool would it be if it was an eagle?

Without further rambling on from me, I present the tall ships...

And then they were gone...

I uploaded 48 photos to my Flickr account.  If you're interested in seeing the complete collection, click here.

Blog teaser for tomorrow- Pamela has crabs.


  1. Great photos! The tall ships will be coming to NYC in a couple of weeks and hopefully we'll catch a glimpse. We toured the Eagle when she was in Baltimore. Very interesting history about that ship. Speaking of crabs, google solo crab around the americas. We met this young man recently in Annapolis. Now that was an incredible feat!

  2. Would have been more fun in the Whaler.....