Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pot Luck Dinner

Sorry if the blog postings are a little askew time-wise.  The one I posted Friday morning was written the day before so I could pack my bags last night.   I'm presently writing the draft of this one Friday afternoon while sitting in Charlotte Airport waiting for my next flight, this one to Albany NY, so I can get my truck out of the cow barn and drive it back to Savannah.

Anyway, Thursday was our weekly pot luck get together at the marina.  They're great fun.  Half the attendees are either transients or marina customers who joined in for the first time.

We left Ruby and Chevy on the boat because they stare at people while they're eating, which makes some people nuts.  We brought Olivia up to the pavilion though.   She's too mischievous to leave home alone.  Besides, maybe someone will see her and want to adopt her.

Megan took care of Olivia.

OK, all together.   Awwwwwww...

Duke came by to visit again.

First was happy hour.

Followed by food!  Mmmmmmmmmmmm...!

Yes, that's rain gear.  A front pushed through, dropping the temperature from 84 degrees down to a brisk 67.   Once the sun came out it warmed up again though.

Ben came by with Jimmy Chew Choo.  Olivia took great interest in him.   Someone smaller than she is!

After dinner we watched a movie.   This one was Tropic Thunder, one of those odd comedies with a star studded cast.

Once again, a great time was had by all.  Any of you transiting the ICW should plan on stopping at Isle of Hope marina on a Thursday.  Hope to see you!

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