Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Splash! Olivia 1, Megan 1

I knew it was inevitable.  I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

I was up in the marina parking lot cleaning the truck.  It was a mess after spending seven months in the cow barn.   Pamela was helping me, but had to go back to the boat to bring some things from the truck to the boat.  She was gone quite awhile.  I had the camera so I could take photos of all the bugs splattered on the front of my truck for your enjoyment.

You might notice a significant reduction in the insect population on the east coast.

Pam finally came back up to the truck, laughing.   It seems that Pam got off the boat, and as usual Chevy was positioned on the deck right at the steps looking for a sign that he could get off too.   Olivia was standing next to Chevy, paws on the railing, tail a waggin'.   Pam turned to both dogs and told them to stay on the boat.   Chevy knows this command well.  Livy does not.   As Pam watched, Livy tried to jump from the boat and across the gap to the stairs, just like the big dogs do.  Olivia is not a big dog.   She's a little puppy.   Her front paws made the step but her back ones did not.  Pam watched as a look of horror came across Livy's face as she dropped into the water between the boat and the dock.

Pam tried to scoop Livy up out of the water, but our dock is fairly high and she couldn't reach the puppy.  There was another splash.  Megan had jumped into the water.   She called Livy and Livy turned to swim towards her.  Megan started to swim towards Livy, between the boat and the dock, but Pamela yelled at her not to.   Finally, with Livy in hand, she was passed up to Pamela and Megan climbed out of the water using our swim ladder.

The score is now Gertie 4, Chevy and Ruby 3, Olivia 1, Megan 1. 

It's a good thing that God made sure that puppies, and all infants, are adorable.  Here are some puppy pics for your enjoyment.

Livy is funny.  She tries to play with the big dogs, like getting the stick.   Sometimes they actually let her get it.  

Olivia is a pointer.  When I asked her where she fell off the boat, she pointed and said "right over there".

The big dogs are good with Livy and have been teaching her how to wrestle like a pitbull.

This was a mistake on their part.  Livy watched Ruby and Chevy wrestle for a time and picked up on it right away.  Go for the back legs first to take down your prey, then the front legs, and then the throat.  The only problem is that Livy has also learned how important the element of surprise is and attacks the dogs while they're sleeping.  Chevy now sleeps downstairs, where Livy can't go yet, and Ruby sleeps under the table.

Side note - the marina has taken possession of this O'Day 28.   If you or anyone you know of is looking for a sailboat, this can be had for $7,000.  The hull needs to be either buffed out or painted.  I took a quick look inside the boat and it looks pretty nice.  Rick says the Yanmar diesel runs well.  Don't know the condition of the sails.

Contact Isle of Hope Marina- (912) 354-8187.

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