Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally, Rain!

The day started like every other day.  Get up, surf Al Gore's internets, eat breakfast, and wash dishes while watching dolphins eat breakfast in the Skidaway River.

How many people can say they do that?  Or this...

What a balancing act.  That's the only thing I think Cheoy Lee did wrong on this boat.  They built a fine 46 foot trawler and then put in a 3/4 sized sink.  I'd consider buying one of those really cool dish drainers that my old friend Bob posted on his blog Rensselaer Plateau Life but I don't have room for it.

It's been very dry here in Georgia.  The drought monitor shows an extreme drought.  That was partially eased the other day when the rain came down in buckets.   I thought this was pretty cool


This guy in the pic below was going like a bat out of hell.  I don't know what his hurry was.  Maybe he had to go fast for his Rain-X to work.

Zoom Zoom!

What he did, throwing a big wake like that, was inconsiderate, could cause damage, and is illegal.   In Georgia, it is illegal to go more than 5 MPH when within 100 feet of a dock, marina,  mooring field, or people in the water.

The heavy, pounding rain eased a lot, but the raindrops were huge. 

Then a faint hint of a rainbow across the river...

while just to the right was ominous low hanging clouds. 

And then it was gone.  Storm clouds are black on the bottom and puffy white on top.  Very pretty, no? 

The marsh grass that built up in the marina is still here.  It makes some nice psychedelic designs on boat hulls, eh?


In working-for-a-living-news, since we're here in Savannah for the long haul, Pamela decided to look for a job and has a working job interview at a local veternarian's office today, the same vet who stitched up Chevy's paw and who checked out Gertie's breathing problems.  As for me, I've been asked to write an article for All at Sea Southeast magazine about living aboard at Isle of Hope Marina, the first liveaboard marina in Georgia.   1,200 words and three or four photos.  The editor advertised for writers and I used this blog for my resume. 

See.  Sometimes your hobby can turn into your job.  I hope that means that it will still be fun.

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  1. Dave,
    You're relationship is secure with that dish rack!