Friday, May 18, 2012

I've known one of our blog's followers, Tom, for many years now.   He's a contractor, but better than that, Tom sails a Chris Craft Apache 37 sailboat in his home waters in Maine.   Tom is also a wonderful photographer and writer and has been writing for which, according to their website "provides tide charts, coastal weather forecasts, buoy data, weather radar and local information for over 1,100 harbors in 20 coastal states."

Our blog gets about 10,000 hits a month now, but USHarbors gets 100,000 and actually provides information people can use.  Tom referred Josh,'s editor, to me as a contributor.  Josh looked the blog over.  He's not too interested in my bathroom remodeling or my efforts to find a home for the puppy, but did like the posts about the tall ships leaving on the Savannah River and our trip on the Skidaway and Wilmington Rivers.  I can probably tweak those to fit USHarbor's format.  So in addition to All at Sea Southeast magazine, it looks like I'll be providing content to  Cool.

In other news, I'm flying to upstate New York today.  I need to get my truck out of the cow barn and back to Savannah so Pam can use it to commute to her new job.  Fellow Isle of Hope liveaboard Diane graciously lent us the use of her car in the interim.   Thanks Diane!   To show our gratitude, we're going to give you an eight week old puppy!

You're welcome!


  1. Fabulous sailboat the Chris Craft Apache! We had a 1969 before we became stinkpotters.

  2. That truck will be bigger and be able to bring home many more and much BIGGER pets for Drift Away, the floating animal compound!!!

  3. Absolutely love the puppy. Looks like she has settled right in with her other cabinmates! Thanks for the comment on the sunset on our blog, it means alot coming from an almost published writer/photographer!!

  4. hi Dave: great blog but me thinks Tom sails an Alden Yawl.