Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet the New Puppy

The day started out fine.  Pam and I took the T-bird into downtown Savannah where we met new friends, Neill and Fae.  Neill and Fae are involved in Savannah's Scottish games.  I had sent Neill a link to photos I had taken and he responded with an invitation to lunch.  If you're in Savannah, try Skylar's.  The food was excellent and the service superb.

Pam had to go to work at 2 PM, and I dropped her off at 1:59:59.   Just in time.

Later in the afternoon, I heard the distant rumble of thunder.  I checked the radar at and saw a severe thunderstorm approaching.  The national weather service had their usual admonition about unplugging appliances and hiding under a bed.  I ran up to the parking lot and covered the Thunderbird.  I just made it back to the boat when it hit.

The flag was flown at half staff yesterday for Peace Officers' Memorial Day.  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it was Sammy who put the flag on Burnt Pot at half staff.

Luckily, the storm passed just in time for me to take the cover off the car and pick Pam up at the vet's office.  She came out with a puppy in her arms.  I shouted and emphatic NO!!!  She simply laughed, deposited the puppy in the car and went back inside to finish closing.  The puppy was all over the car, jumping up on the back window ledge to look outside, down onto the seat, up onto the ledge to chew on my ear, back down to the seat... you get the idea.   It's a puppy.

Pam came out about ten minutes later.  Her flimsy explanation is that the puppy is a German shorthair pointer, the last of a litter.  Hunters bought all her siblings, but no one wanted her because she's a snuggle bunny, a trait not wanted in a hunting dog.  No, I don't know why.  Maybe she'd snuggle up with prey instead of pointing at it?  I dunno.

The poor dog was living in a crate and only let out three times a day to go potty.  Pam's "plan" was to show it to everyone at the marina in the hopes that someone would want to adopt her.  We paraded the puppy all around the marina and showed it to everyone.  Diane loved the puppy.  No sale.

Megan loved the puppy too.   NO!  MEGAN  LIVES WITH US!

Sammy came by.   He loved the puppy too, but he loves other people's dogs and declined.

Both Megan and Sammy loved the puppy at the same time.  

Too much!  Help!  Help!

It was time to introduce the puppy to Ruby and Chevy.  Pam took the puppy to the pavilion and I got the dogs.

Ruby and Chevy were all over the puppy.  The puppy was a little nervous. Dog introductions are done by sniffing. The first order of business is seeing if the new dog is a male or female.

Then it's time to set the pecking order.

And then it was time to PLAY!  Run run run!

The puppy is certainly a handsome dog.

Duke came by to inspect the puppy.

Jeremy, one of the marina's dock hands, stopped to see the puppy.   The puppy loved him.  Nope, no sale there either.

Ruby got out her toy so she and Chevy could play tug of war like they do everyday, but the puppy promptly took it.

Ordinarily, Ruby would take the toy right back, but she understood that this was a puppy and didn't know any better than to take a ferocious pitbull's toy.

It was time to take the puppy to the boat and introduce her to Dirty Gertie, the cat.   The meeting didn't go too badly, although I think this may have been the puppy's first encounter with a cat.

The puppy adopted to the boat nicely, and galloped all around the decks.  It even found the astroturf pad and actually used it, something our dogs won't do.

She took great interest in the new world around her.  After living in a crate for her whole three months, it must have been pretty impressive.  But puppies have two speeds.  On and off.  She finally curled up on a dock line and conked out.

Now it was Gertie's chance to really check out this new dog.  First from the safety of the coffee table...

and then she snuck up on the puppy, careful not to awaken it.

The puppy was dead to the world.

No takers on the puppy here at the marina.  The puppy is to go back to the vet's today to be put back in his crate to await adoption.   Pam has named her Olive and just looks at me and smiles.


  1. We had 2 german shorthaired pointers they are great dogs and extrememly smart. Glad I am not there as I would be afraid he would havea home but then I do need a captain! Hmmm I do believe Olive would fit in nicely aboard a boat named SweetPea!
    Is Duke off of Adiagio?

    1. There is a boat here named Adagio, so it must be the same Duke.

      Where are you guys now? I'll drive the puppy to you.

  2. LOL NJ, say hello to Jan and Ron for us! I bet Pam would have better luck with a kitten to even out the boat.

  3. Congratulations on your new Puppy!! Sweet looking dog. If that puppy heads back to the vet for adoption,I will paint Drift Away for you.

  4. It might head back each day....but if I know will be coming home with her every night.....
    looks a tad uneven Dave?....dont you think?????

  5. Doesn't SV Enigma need a dog? It wouldn't take "that" long to drive it down there....

  6. I would love one. But Captain does not agree.

    1. Just foster him until you can find him a home. :)

    2. Haha. You guys know what happened when we ' fostered' the English mastiffs. Not fair.

  7. She is adorable!! Someday I start leading a dog-friendly lifestyle and might actually be in a position to adopt one.

    Good luck... surely she'll find a home soon. She is just too cute.

  8. Dave, you were beaten when you wrote the headline for this blog...

    You see, if you really thought you were ever going to get rid of the mangy cur, you would have titled today's blog, "Meet your new puppy." Instead, you claimed ownership in the title by saying "Meet THE new puppy." As in yours, owned.

    LOL I'm just sayin, we all know where this is headed... Man up and take responsibility for your inaction...

  9. That puppy sure looks good next to those ferocious pit bulls...I think you're on to something there.

  10. Why is it when I Google "German shorthair pointer rescue Georgia" I get: Contact Pamela Gibson at Isle of Hope Marina? :-)